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Add To CartI’m sure you’ve already seen all of WordPress plugins out there that allow you to “plaster” your review blogs with Amazon products and links. Some of them pull in customer reviews, some pull in product data, and some just create static old fashioned product links.Those plugins have their place, but what about the savvy marketer who simply wants to create a content based blog that ranks high in the search engines and is monetized with Amazon without having to dump hundreds of product links on the page or having to rely on posting the same duplicate product content that other marketers are using?What if you want to monetize the site in a way that will allow you to keep the content structure, keep the look and feel of your current blog, but practically FORCE your vistors to click-through your Amazon affiliate links and explode your commissions?What if you could easily increase your Clickthrough rate so that you get MORE CONVERSIONS with the same traffic you’re already getting? After all, what good is the traffic if they don’t click through your affiliate links?What if I told you that there was a way to not only utilize your existing blog content, but also turbo charge it with attention getting dynamic Amazon calls to action and contextual links based on exactly what your visitor is ALREADY LOOKING TO BUY.What I am about to share with you is one of the most powerful Amazon affiliate marketing tools available, that can (if done right) completely transform your affiliate business.Affiliate Marketers Fail
You know the story…

  • You get decent traffic but your conversions suck.
  • You are pumping tons of effort into promotion.
  • You start getting some decent traffic, but other than that nothing is happening.
  • Sad truth is that most Amazon Associates fail terribly at affiliate marketing
  • This is because they approach it the wrong way. Most use a shotgun approach.

It just doesn’t cut it anymore to throw up a blog filled to the brim with Amazon product images and banners.


Convertazon Cover

Convertazon is a WordPress Plug-in that we’ve been using to dynamically give the visitors a strong call to action to click through and buy the products that they are already interested in. No more shotgun approach, just laser focused affiliate marketing targeting high converting popular Amazon products.

This plug-in will almost give you the unfair advantage with your Amazon Affiliate Marketing! Imagine getting double digit click-through rates. What would that do for your business? Imagine setting high profit Amazon conversion machines using this plug-in to get twice as much profit out of the traffic that your sites are already getting.


What Can Convertazon Do

  • Create Dynamic Conversion Boosting Calls To Action
  • Configure Customizable Contextual Popup Bubbles
  • Split Test Two Different Themes To See Which Converts Best
  • Create Affiliate Links with No Negative SEO Impact
  • Laser Focus Your Affiliate Markleting on High Converting Products
  • Dramatically Increase your Click-through and Conversion Rates
  • Maximize Profit Potential from Each Individual Visitor
  • Start Building a Sustainable Online Business

Take a Look at This Brief Walk-through Video…


Attention Grabbing

TickConvertazon creates and immediate attention grabber by simulating a download process as it “searches” the web for the best possible deal on the related product. A catchy animation sequence grabs the attention of the visitor and creates anticipation for the result. The “searching” animation bar can be color-customized to your preference.

Convertazon Loading

Powerful Call To Action Element

TickConvertazon creates a powerful conversion boosting call to action element that drives click-throughs by displaying the product details, including discounts and specials as found on Place the box wherever you want in your blog post with easy shortcode. The call to action button can be customized.

Convertazon Call To Action

Contextual Popup Bubbles

TickMonetize any blog with Amazon links without having to post actual product banners everywhere. These little customizable attention getting bubbles creates a sense of curiosity and lead to SKY HIGH click-through rates and conversions! Mouse-over the targeted keyword and visitors will see a little bubble appear. Human nature leads people to click in the bubble.

Convertazon Bubble

Theme Split Testing

TickConvertazon has built in theme split testing functionality. This enables you to test the click-through rates and results from various themes and compare them to each other. It’s a powerful tool that helps you increase revenue by making sure the themes you apply to your blog are not distractive but conducive to driving traffic to your affiliate links.

Convertazon Split Testing

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Money Back Guarantee

100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Convertazon has helped Amazon affiliate marketers drive up their conversion rates and increase their profits. We want to remove all risk to you. That is why we offer a 100% No Questions Asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy, simply ask our helpful support team for a refund and we will be happy to oblige as quickly as we can.

If you are serious about earning a living from the Amazon Associate program then this plugin is a must have… Period!

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Convertazon is one of the fastest, most powerful, effective ways to monetize your affiliate blogs.
If you promote Amazon products, then you absolutely need this plug-in.

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