Take Control Instantly

Convertazon is a flexible conversion boosting plug-in that has the potential to instantly transform any blog that you implement it on, into a conversion machine. It shows your visitors dynamic information on the best deals online for the products that they’re already shopping for.

You control which products to promote and where to place the call to action box in your post. You can one of the pre-set templates to determine the look and feel of the Convertazon box and even upload your own button for uses to click on.

On top of this, you can set pop-up bubbles for up to 2 different products, they need not be the same as the product promoted n the Convertazon box, and target 2 additional keywords to convert to affiliate links on each page. All of this is done in a way that does not affect your SEO negatively at all.

You control exactly what type of promotion you’re doing on each page and how much of it you’d like to push to your visitors.