Simple Setup

Convertazon is very easy to install and set up. The plug-in installs through the standard WordPress installation process. Upload the plug-in to your WordPress plug-in directory and then click “activate”.

Next you just need to enter your Access Key ID and Secret Key to ensure sales generated through clicks on your site are attributed to your associated account. If you don’t know where to find these keys, there’s a quick guide (with screen grabs) included in Convertazon that will help you through the steps.

The next step is to create the product or products that you’d like to target through Convertazon. Again, out quick guide will step you though the process but it’s basically as simple as locating the product o and copy-and-pasting your affiliate links into the fields provided.

Finally, enter the Convertazon short code into the page or pages where you’d like to display the call to action and configure your pop-up bubbles (if you decide to use this feature) and you’re done!