Changelog (19/09/2012 / V. 2.4.2):

  • Fixed pricing bug when calculating the savings percentage.
  • Updated display to be crisper with a smaller and new button.
  • Removed inline styling and add class styling to css sheet.
  • Fixed a link bug in admin not giving the correct URL to the display.
  • Fixed an image display issue of images being stretched.
  • Fixed dynamic keyword links in the post to display product correctly.
  • Fixed display bug of loading bar, can now support any size depending on size set in the main css.
  • Checked all scripts to minify the code where possible to save on the plug-in size.

Fixed Bugs:

  • No  shortcode product pop-in IE (fixed in version 2.4.2)
  • Dynamic keyword popup + link broken (fixed in version 2.4.2)